Default Configuration

The Xwire Routers’ “community” interface defaults to a configuration designed to providing Internet access to wireless clients via a single Internet routable IPi address. A DHCPi server will be listening on the wireless interface handing out IP addresses, a default gateway, and DNSi information.

iptables will have NATi set up so that all WiFii clients will have a NATed from the wireless interface (wlan0) through the wired interface (eth0). Only the wired interface needs to have an Internet routable IP address. All WiFi clients will appear as if they originate from that IP.

The Xwire Routers’ “backbone” interface (wlan1) defaults to an automated configuration where the IP address is assigned in the a random range of and instantly becomes dynamically routeable with other “backbone” interfaces that are within range.

The default wired interface (eth0) uses a dhcp client to obtain an IP configuration from an upstream xDSL, Cable, or Satellite service provider. If the service provider has assigned a static IP a configuration change is required.

By default the other wired interface (eth1) is setup as an internal network where attached client will be assigned DHCP addresses in the range of IP addresses.

If these default configurations for all the Xwire Router interfaces are suitable for you network deployment then no further configuration is required other than simply providing power to the Xwire Router.