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Thanks for visiting our Forum. There are few ground rules:

1) You must register. If you are looking for help with a problem, it is critical that we be able to email you. Make sure you have your email address in your profile (and maybe your signature).

2) The Forum is important to us. Xwire visits the Forum every day, with an occassional exception on Sundays. In fact, Tom Kee, the founder, visits the Forum almost everyday. When any of us find interesting comments, we distribute them. We will try to respond to as many of your comments as possible.

3) Help each other out. If you know the answer to someone's question, help them out. The Forum is a place where Xwire and its customers can help each other get the most out of the software. We are grateful for your help and we will recognize customers that go above and beyond.

4) Flame not. It is not productive. If you are unhappy or frustrated (and we have all been there), just be persistent and patient. Don't forget that Xwire is a free software and we cannot afford to answer every question in a few minutes or even hours sometimes. However, we read everything and respond to as much as we can. If we see flaming going on, we will at our discretion remove the post or ban the user.

5) Be specific. We frequently see posts like, "I can't pingi the other host." This is not nearly enough information for Xwire and our users to help you. Be specific and tell us the circumstances, the timing, the hardware or software involved and any other details that will help us help you out.

Thanks for coming to the Forum. We very much appreciate your support.

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